Maximizing reach to serve more people in need


By increasing their brand's reach and getting in front of more of the right individuals through paid ads, mRelief can help more people make ends meet by offering assistance in applying and qualifying for SNAP benefits.


in conversion rate % points
in cost per person served
in benefits unlocked per ad dollar

Metrics in 2022 through August, compared to 2021


iOS 14 privacy changes reduced efficiency of Facebook and Instagram ads.

Even with attempts to mitigate the impact of privacy changes, CPAs rose between the first and 2nd quarters of 2021, due to reduced Facebook ad tracking capabilities.

Over-reliance on Facebook and Instagram ads increased risk of volatility & limited reach.

A lack of diversification opened up mRelief to a period of worsened CPAs post-iOS 14 update. Plus, with too few advertising channels, mRelief missed out on opportunities to reach their target audiences and reinforce their brand.


What they do:
A startup helping people in the US gain access to social services and eat with dignity.


Channel Expansion

To reduce our over-reliance on Facebook and Instagram Ads to reach our target audiences, I regularly research and propose experiments with emerging advertising channels, including Yahoo Ads and Quora Ads.

Ad Testing Process

With our existing core channels, my main focus is on improving performance, so to do that, I’ve developed a testing framework to gain insights and learnings, building on our library of effective copy and visuals.

Reporting & Analysis

The reports I’ve built make it easy to identify trends and anomalies from data, and to closely monitor paid ads performance for a more proactive approach to campaign management.


Connie is a skilled marketer and a fantastic collaborator, meticulously managing significant grant budgets while maintaining ad performance. She has changed the game in our marketing efforts!

We've been working with Connie now for a couple of years, and I've never had an experience with a contractor who is so quick to understand our organization's mission, our needs, and to translate into an effective marketing strategy.

Headshot portrait of Zareena Meyn, Executive Director at mRelief
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