What makes me ME

The Short

I'm a full-stack marketer, based just outside of NYC in good ol' dirty Jerz. I work at home, where I spend most of my time with my partner Dylan (he's a musician!) and my cat Sam.

Portrait of Connie, wearing a blue baseball cap and neon pink sports jacket, sitting in front of a cloudy background
Connie wearing a blue baseball cap, puffer jacket, backpack, and hiking boots, standing on a path leading into Sequoia trees

The Long

Born in NYC, raised in NJ. I'm the second oldest of six kids (yep, I have a whopping five siblings!).

In true millennial nerd fashion, I got my first laptop with Windows 3.1 and wrote tons of stories on Notepad (those were simpler times), eventually graduating up to learning HTML and CSS and making websites during the early days of the internet. I even won a web design contest in high school.

In college, admittedly I had no idea what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I didn't want to be a doctor or a lawyer like my parents wanted, so I thought getting into business school would be safe, good enough.

Fast-forward after years of trying out marketing at corporate and startup companies, I struck out on my own and started taking on clients as a freelancer. At least for now, the freelance life works really well for me!

If you're interested in connecting or working with me, email me or book a call — whatever works better for you!


Leave things better than you found them. In every interaction, with strangers and loved ones alike, I'm mindful of my impact on others. So I choose to impart goodness and positivity on others to help make the world a better, friendlier place.

Be "for" something, not just against. This mindset keeps me accountable to the folks I'm working with, and to come to the table with solutions and a bias towards action. This article is an excellent explainer of this concept: For, Not Against.

Not making a decision is a decision. When indecision strikes and I fail to make a choice, I'm actually still making a choice: that the status quo is acceptable. I keep this in mind when weighing decisions and opportunity costs for myself and clients.

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