Testing and scaling acquisition to generate efficient signup volume


By running experiments on existing paid channels, Leland could maximize its acquisition channels to help more people access expert coaches for school admissions and career development at an affordable cost.


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Metrics from 2022 Q2 to Q3


Acquisition growth became top priority post-seed funding.

But the goal wasn’t “growth at all costs” — while the team wanted more signup volume, we had to be mindful of keeping acquisition costs in line. Profitability was a higher priority than just signup growth.


Edtech Marketplace
What they do:
A marketplace connecting ambitious students and professionals with expert coaches


Paid Strategy

Finding the right paid marketing mix was key to finding opportunities to scale while maintaining efficiency. I audited their acquisition channels, identified areas of optimization, and provided guidance to scale their quarterly paid budgets by 50% between 2022 Q2 and Q3.

Channel Scaling

Putting more spend into an acquisition channel comes at the risk of rising CPAs. I identified the growth potential of Google Ads, adding and optimizing campaigns, and increased our monthly spend between June and July 2022 by 86% while reducing CPA by 20%.

Audience Testing

To make the most of Facebook Ads, I tested different seed lists to build lookalike audiences to find the most efficient performance. As a result of testing, monthly spend for one category reduced by 10%, signup volume increased 119%, and CPA reduced by 59%.


Connie has been an incredible partner as we've started to dig into paid channels. As a startup, we needed someone who was able to flex into multiple channels, and Connie was exactly that. She's led our paid search and paid social efforts, while also frequently offering growth ideas outside of the channels she is owning. She's easy to work with, data-driven, scrappy, and cares about our success. Highly recommend working with her!

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