Navigating Targeting restrictions to connect people with employers


By adapting their digital marketing strategy to navigate increasingly complex targeting restrictions, Jopwell can efficiently reach underrepresented talent and connect them with employers committed to diversity.


in paid acquisition volume
in cost per signup
in conversion rate % points

Metrics from 2022 Q1 to Q2


Targeting restrictions on employment ads limited ability to reach target audiences.

After Facebook limited ad targeting capabilities, Jopwell could no longer efficiently target the people its platform serves. CPAs rose dramatically, and one of their best performing channels became one of their worst.

Competing priorities limited engineering resources for marketing needs.

Changing business needs necessitated product changes on both the job seeker and employer sides, meaning other requests such as implementing ad platform tracking pixels had to wait until engineering resources were freed up.


Hiring & Diversity
What they do:
A platform connecting Black, Latinx, and Native American students & professionals to jobs with employers committed to diversity.


Audience Testing

Even though we were restricted in our targeting capabilities at the platform level, I tested different seed lists—signups with different filters such as engagement level with the product—and built lookalike audiences for our ads.

Ad Creative Testing

With limited audience targeting and conversion tracking capabilities, it was vital for us to develop the right ads. I guided the in-house team on messaging to maximize engagement from the people most important to their business success.

Google Tag Manager Setup

I worked with the Engineering team to add the GTM container on site. Within two weeks, I fully set up and QA’d tag manager with Google Analytics and all paid advertising tracking pixels, resulting in major performance improvements.


We were in need of marketing talent that could quickly ramp up a paid media strategy. Connie integrated with us seamlessly, scaling our ad spend, and delivering conversions without hesitation. Her efforts boosted our brand, contributed to community growth, and provided a top-down view of metrics in real-time. She even helped us close the gaps in how we track web traffic behavior. Hire her.

Headshot portrait of Michela Pennicooke, Director of Marketing at Jopwell
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